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Yin Yoga Workshop

Join me for a slow but strong deep release Yin practise. With the support of bolsters blocks and straps where required, come stretch, release and rejuvenate with plenty of rebound (like mini savasanas) time to restore the body. Mainly floor based postures with an introduction to some wall based versions to add to the mix.

We live in a culture that is constantly on the go, requiring a lot of movement, activity, stimulation, and responsibilities. Yin Yoga offers the chance to be still, be present, and work within while you breathe and stretch deeply and create more space in mind and body.

What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia and ligaments in the body. The more we work our fascial system and deep tissues, the less dense and tight our bodies become as we age.
The practice is mainly floor based postures and can be supported with straps, block, bolsters and blankets

Lengthening extremely tight tissues can be a very uncomfortable practice, but using this time to focus on breathing is a large part of Yin Yoga.

Why practice Yin Yoga?
As we age, our bones begin to degenerate, we lose mobility in our joints and our fascia tightens. But a consistent Yin Yoga practice helps to regain mobility and ease discomfort in the body. Yin Yoga is an excellent counter to the more physically demanding – or yang – yoga disciplines. This deep stretching is the perfect follow-up to intense yoga or other physical activity so you can stay balanced, flexible, and avoid injury.

Key benefits of a regular Yin Yoga practice:
• Targets connective tissues including fascia, bones and joints
• Reduces stress
• Increases circulation
• Balances internal organs and improves flow of energy
• Balances our yang or physical yoga practice
• Relieves tension
• Improves flexibility
• Encourages mindfulness and meditation

Yoga is about finding balance and feeling whole. If you don’t have a Yin Yoga practice or have never tried it, then give it a go. You will be pleasantly surprised by the growth in your yang and meditation 

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