Sounds and vibrations are powerful forms of energy medicine. A sound energy massage using Tibetan singing bowls can have healing benefits on the physical and energetic body. Physically, deep vibration releases the tension of muscles, pain, massages the organs and rewires the brain to dissipate stress and anxiety. There is a direct effect on the body’s cells. On an energetic level, combined vibration and sound releases emotional tension , blocks, and purify subtle energy channels.

Physiologically, the relaxation response initiates the following changes, which can be called the Sound Therapy benefits:

  • Decrease pain - physiological and psychological

  • Decrease anxiety and stress, fatigue and depression, nausea and headache

  • Decreased blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation

  • Slows heart rate

  • Slows respiration rate and normalises the breath

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Reduces stress hormone levels

I am trained to offer Sound Energy massage ( Vibro acoustic massage) using Tibetan singing bowls. This can either be with the one singing bowl physically placed on the body or with several singing bowls placed on the ground around the body so that you become “bathed” in their sounds and vibrations. In addition to this I offer group Sound Baths using the Tibetan bowls and Gongs. I currently use a 24” Chinese Wind Gong with a 28” Sun Gong. Please see my “Workshops and Events” page for details of upcoming Sound Bath Meditations. Enquiries for Sound Energy massage can be made via my contact form

As always, big gratitude and thank you to my teachers Lola Lhamo and Gong Master Mark Swan.

Always look to the light

Yinny x

“Tones themselves correspond with and affect specific areas of the body. The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganise the body’s structure. Sounds that are harmonious, activate the body and create healing”
— Earth : Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library" Barbara Marciniak
“Sound will be the medicine of the future”
— Edgar Cayce